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V-Com™ is a revolutionary new CPAP accessory that makes CPAP therapy more comfortable and effective. The V-Com is a flow attenuator placed in between the mask and PAP device, designed to provide comfort for patients acclimating to PAP therapy.

It is designed to soften the peak inspiratory flow of CPAP devices, which can often be a source of discomfort for users. If you are struggling with adjusting to the pressure from your PAP device, the V-Com can help you acclimate to it.

V-Com™ also reduces the noise of CPAP machines, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.


Instructions for Use

  1. Always be sure that your CPAP machine (or other PAP device) is turned off before setting up your V-Com.
  2. Remove your V-Com from its packaging and insert it between the hose that extends from your CPAP machine and your mask.
  3. Put on your CPAP mask as usual and check to ensure it is fitted properly with a secure seal.
  4. After turning off your CPAP in the morning, disconnect your mask, V-Com, hoses, and tubing.
  5. Clean your V-Com device after each use, per the instructions below.
  6. If you intend to continue using a V-Com device long-term, be sure to replace it every three months.