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Replacement Air Filter for the Transcend II CPAP Machine and the Original Transcend CPAP Machine.  Attaches to the bottom of the machine (Filter comes as pictured already attached to the base and is not removable)


Filter Change Note

In 2013 the filter was changed for the Transcend line of machines.



  • Previously the filter media and base were permanently attached. The filter base was removed from the Transcend unit by depressing a latch on the bottom of the base itself.
  • With the updated design a push button replaces the latch. The media and base are separated and are removed by depressing the button on one end of the base to allow the base to be removed from the machine itself.
  • The bottom of the machine itself was changed as well to accommodate the new style.


The Transcend Air Inlet Filter should be replaced every 6 months and can be washed with warm water and mild soap weekly and allowed to air dry throughly before re-attachment to the CPAP Machine.



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