Brand: SunSet Healthcare

Product Code: TUB010

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This is a Grey Flexible 10' CPAP tubing with 19mm diameter and 22mm Rubber Ends.

The 19mm diameter is standard CPAP sizing and the 22mm Cuff Ends are universal and will fit any CPAP machine and CPAP mask.  The inside of the tubing is a smooth bore to allow for a more consistent pressure delivery and a quieter experience.

Please note that some of the newer CPAP machines are designed to use a slimmer tubing (15mm).  This 19mm Tubing can be used if your machine will allow you to adjust the tubing size in the settings of the CPAP.

The standard tubing is 6' so this 10' (120 inch) Tubing allows for a longer reach and more maneuverability to accommodate those with a longer distance from the CPAP machine. 





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