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Introducing Snugz Mask Liners, a cool new partner in  the bedroom. Snugz are one-size-fits-most liners designed for either full-face or nasal CPAP masks. Our moisture-wicking and easy-to-use Snugz liners will wrap snugly around most CPAP masks and rest softly on your face to help reduce noisy leaks, prevent redness & irritation, & feel great against your skin.

If you suffer from the sleep apnea experience, you're going to love them. Snugz are latex and silicone free, machine washable, & made in the USA. Why Snugz? Sleep Sounder. CPAP masks are noisy and uncomfortable, lowering the quality of your sleep. Snugz liners rest softly against your face or nose, reducing noise and keeping you comfortable. Breath Easier. When a CPAP mask has large, burping air leaks, it compromises your therapy and interrupts your sleep. Snugz liners eliminate large, noisy leaks to keep you breathing and sleeping well. Live Better. When you're comfortable, you're happy. With Snugz, you wake rested, refreshed and looking good.

Whether you have a full face (nose and mouth) or nasal (nose only) mask, we've got your covered Snugz Nasal Mask Liners will fit all nasal (around the nose only) masks except for the ResMed Mirage Activa, but are not intended for nasal pillows (under the nose).

Snugz Full-Face Mask Liners will fit all sizes of all nose-and-mouth masks except for the ResMed Mirage Quattro and the Fisher and Paykel Forma XL. They also not recommended for under-the- nose full face masks such as the Respironics Amara View or DreamWear and the ResMed F30, or total face masks such as the Respironics FitLife.




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