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SnuggleHose Tubing Covers are made of a soft Fleece material that fasten and stay in place with Velcro fasteners

These soft tubing covers help to insulate the tubing from the cooler ambient temperatures that can cause condensation inside the tubing.

The SnuggleHose fleece covers are soft against the skin and help to eliminate disruption of sleep.  They also prevent drag of the tubing against the bedding materials.


These Tubing Covers Are For 6' CPAP Tubing Only




Decrease Condensation from Humidifiers

Decrease nighttime awakenings due to a cold hard hose touching your skin

They come in a variety of colors and prints to match any patient's personality or room decor

Makes even heated hoses seem more "Snuggly"

Helps Prevent Tubing from snagging on bedding

Machine Washable


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