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The Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer is the complete system to disinfect any CPAP or BiPAP device including the mask, tubing, and humidifier all in a single cycle.  Activated oxygen, or ozone, is utilized by the Sleep8 as the primary cleaning agent to sanitize all CPAP equipment placed into the Sleep8 sanitizing bag. 

Sleep8 offers a simple and convenient design for ease of use.  To set up your Sleep8 for a cleaning cycle unplug your hose from your PAP device and plug it into the universal port inside the bag.  The port will accommodate heated hoses and standard PAP hoses all without any additional adapters or parts to buy. Next simply close the bag with your mask and hose inside. Finally plug the Sleep8 device to the outside port on the cleaning bag, and press the start button.

CPAPs Etc recommends allowing the Sleep8 to run for its full 1 hour sanitizing cycle and keeping the bag closed for a second hour to ensure optimal cleaning.


Machine Features

• 100% Compatible: No adapters need.  Place your CPAP products to be cleaned into the bag and allow the Sleep8 to take over the sanitizing process.

• Ready to Travel: Cleaning your CPAP while you travel is no problem. Sleep8 is easy to pack and runs on a rechargeable battery. It goes where you go.

• Set and Forget: Press the start button and Sleep8 will handle everything. And when it’s done, Sleep8 will automatically turn itself off.

• Activated Oxygen: The Sleep8 generates activated oxygen to kill 99% of all bacteria on CPAP equipment.  This design is also helpful as activated oxygen can reach potential places that cleaners using UV light are unable to sanitize.


 Return on Warranty Issues Only





 What's in the Box:

  • Sleep8 Sanitizing Device
  • Filter Bag
  • Micro USB Charger

Machine Features:

  • Device Warranty: 18 months
  • Filters: Charcoal (non-replaceable)
  • Power: Rechargeable battery with USB cord charger
  • Rx Required: No
  • Cleaning Material: Activated Oxygen (ozone)


Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer Brochure