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The Respironics SimplyGo Mini Concentrator belongs to the newest generation of portable oxygen concentrators featuring the highest level of mobile oxygen therapy.  With the SimplyGo Mini concentrator comes the renowned Respironics brand quality including portability, reliability, and ease of use.  The SimplyGo Mini Concentrator has 5 pulse dose settings. It does not have continuous flow settings.



• Simply Smart Design: As the smallest and lightest POC ever developed by Philips Respironics, SimplyGo Mini is built for today’s patients with features like: attractive and sleek design; easy-to-remove external battery; light weight intuitive, easy-to-read screen; and a strong, comfortable carrying case. 

• Built for the Demands of Today's Active Patients: The SimplyGo Mini Concentrator utilizes a standard battery capable of 4.5 hours of operation or achieve 9 hours with the extended battery.  Combining the long battery life with a machine weight of 5lbs grants the patient freedom to control their lifestyle. 

• Pulse Dose Flow with High Oxygen Output Level: This SimplyGo Mini Portable Concentrator can be adjusted between 5 pulse dose settings with maximum output at 1000 ml/min and minimum output at 220ml/min.  Oxygen concentration levels will range between 87% to 96%.

• Carry Case for on the go Convenience: With the SimplyGo Mini Portable Concentrator is a custom carry case and shoulder strap making the transport of the concentrator simple.

• Operating Alarms to Keep You InformedSimplyGo Mini Concentrator has several operating alarms that allow you to monitor its performance.

• Interchangeable Batteries are Power for Success: The battery is immediately accessible.  One of the keys to SimplyGo's portability is its lightweight and compact battery.  It is easily accessible and can be quickly changed by patients.


 Return on Warranty Issues Only



What's in the Box:

  • SimplyGo Mini Portable Concentrator Device
  • SimplyGo Standard Battery
  • AC/DC Power Supply and Adapters
  • Custom Carry Case w/ Shoulder Strap
  • Accessory Bag with Cannula
  • Product Manual

Concentrator Features:

  • Dimensions: 8.3" L x 3.6" W x 9.4" H
  • Weight: 5 lbs with standard battery, 6 lbs with extended battery
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Battery Charge Time: Standard Battery is 4 hours, Extended Battery is 8 hours
  • Battery Duration: Standard Battery is up to 4.5 hours, Extended is up to 9 hours
  • Flow Settings: 
    Setting 1: 11ml, 220 ml/min 
    Setting 2: 22ml, 440 ml/min 
    Setting 3: 33ml, 660 ml/min 
    Setting 4: 44ml, 880 ml/min 
    Setting 5: 50ml, 1000 ml/min 
  • Noise Level: 43dBA
  • Oxygen Concentration: 87% - 96% on all settings
  • Power Options: 
    AC Power 
    Input: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Output:19 VDC, 6.3 A max
    Power Consumption: 120 W while charging
    DC Power
    Input: 12 - 16 VDC
    Output: 19 +/- 5% VDC, 6.3 A
  • User Interface: LCD Touch Screen


SimplyGo Mini Concentrator Brochure

SimplyGo Mini Concentrator Manual