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The Q-Lite™ muffler by Breas Medical is designed to help quiet the "wind" noise generated up the CPAP therapy tube. 

Unlike the previous Qtube, the Q-Lite™ has no serviceable parts to replace.  The Q-Lite includes the muffler and a short 8" tube that connects between the CPAP and the longer therapy tubing.

Q-lite is designed to work with all CPAP machines including those from Human Design Medical, Somnetics, Philips Respironics, ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, Devilbiss Healthcare, and more. The Q-Tube will connect to any standard or slimline tubing that you currently use with your CPAP but NOT with a heated tube.  In addition it cannot be used with ResMed’s AirMini unless a Zephair Adapter is used with standard tubing.


Q-lite can be used with heated humidifiers as long as the Q-lite is disassembled each day and allowed to dry completely before the next use.


  • Cleaning - Do not use soap when cleaning the Q-lite Muffler. Rinse with water and allow to air dry completely out of direct sunlight. For best results it is recommended that the Q-lite is completely dry before using it again.