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The Pilairo™Q Nasal Pillow mask from Fisher & Paykel has been developed to improve patient satisfaction. This is the improved version of the popular Pilairo Pillow Mask.  It's just what you asked for - a quieter nasal pillows mask with the option of either Adjustable or Stretchwise Headgear - both are included with the Pilairo Q

You can now experience the freedom, light weight and simple design of the Pilairo with the following enhancements of the Pilairo Q




•  Q Cover - for quieter use and minimal draft by diffusing the exhaled air nearly eliminating the noise

•  AirPillow™ Seal - is 3D contoured with fine Variable Thickness Silicone (VTS™) and uses CPAP pressure to self-inflate to create an effective yet gentle double seal into and around the nose. The AirPillow Seal can move and flex in any direction without compromising the seal.  This soft and supple silicone material feels very light against the skin. One size fits most

  Easy Frame - This low-profile frame is stable, durable and small, and ensures a clear line of sight. The delivery tube is lightweight, very flexible and designed to minimize pressure or pull on the face

  Headgear Options:  Adjustable or Stretchwise™ Headgear (Both included)

a.  Adjustable Headgear - This breathable, ergonomically designed headgear fits a greater range of head sizes and enables sizing adjustment to your preference

b.  Stretchwise Headgear - This minimal headgear automatically adjusts for a quick and easy fit

•  Lightweight - only 1.94 ounces!

•  Only Three Components - The Pilairo Q has just 3 components making it easy to disassemble and clean


 Sleep Freely on Pillows of Air 


Return on Warranty Issues Only



What’s in the Box:

  • Nasal Pillow Mask
  • Nasal Pillow Cushion - One Size Fits Most
  • Headgear - Both Adjustable and Stretchwise


Mask Features:

Cushion Material: Silicone

Replaceable Cushion: Yes

Forehead Support: No

Gel Cushion: No

Headgear Quick Release Clips: No

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