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The Pico Nasal CPAP mask from Philips Respironics uses a minimal amount of parts allowing for the mask to be easy to use and keep your sleep apnea therapy simple. 

This mask covers the nose only and this Fit Pack includes all  3 cushion sizes with the product comprising of small/medium, large, and extra large sizes.





• Minimal Contact:  The Pico Nasal CPAP Mask is designed to have minimal contact with the face eliminating the need for any forehead supports.

• Dual Wall Cushions:  The dual wall cushion is constructed of a silicone material where the first wall is meant to provide support and the second wall creates the seal.  This cushion can be easily placed into or removed from the cushion frame.

• Headgear:  Utilizing quick release clips and 4 convenient adjustment straps, the Pico Nasal Mask fits comfortably and is simple to put on and remove.

• Forehead Support:  This mask does not use any standard forehead support but the headgear loops through the top of the frame to create a small and adjustable forehead attachment support.




(S/M ; L ; XL)


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