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The Luna G3 BiPAP 25A is an auto-adjusting BiLevel machine from 3B Medical (REACT) that features an updated design with a lightweight, compact body. This device is equipped with a heated humidifier and heated tubing and is loaded with new features and settings to make BiLevel therapy more comfortable and convenient. 

The Luna G3 BiLevel features an integrated modem which allows for potential remote monitoring and data sharing with your healthcare provider, simplifying therapy management (check compatibility with your provider).

BiLevel therapy itself delivers high-pressure support you need, while also providing separate pressure settings for inhalation and exhalation for a more comfortable breathing experience. 




Modern Design:

The full color LED screen offers crystal clear resolution. Single dial with ultra-intuitive design. Easy patient set up and smaller footprint. The humidifier has a large, 350ml chamber and unique and simple "push" design making removal of the humidifier chamber easier. 

Integrated Heated Tubing

With intelligent Auto Humidity control, G3 allows maximum moisture while ensuring rain out in the tubing is not an issue. 

Pre-Heat Feature

The G3 has a pre-heat feature to warm your humidifier water up for ultimate comfort. 

Auto Ramp

New auto ramp feature sense when the user falls asleep and will adjust ramp time appropriately. This ensures the therapy pressure increases at the most opportune moment, enhancing your comfort and making it easier to fall asleep while beginning your therapy.

Excellent Sound & Performance

Multi-stage noise reduction technology is used to ensure sound performance is under 26 dB. 







Sound Level: < 26 dB

Machine Dimensions: 10.43 in L x 5.71 in W x 4.49 in H

Machine Weight: 3.75

Machine Warranty: 2 Years

Voltage Requirements:

100V - 240V ~, 50Hz / 60 Hz, 2 A

Humidification Available: Yes

Humidification Type: Built-In

Heated Hose Option: Yes




  • Luna G3 BiPAP 25A Machine
  • Heated Tubing
  • Carrying Case
  • Filter
  • Power Supply and Cable
  • User Manual