Brand: Somnetics

Product Code: 503067

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This is the replacement foam filter only and is used in the Transcend machines with the push-button release on the Filter Frame.  This is the filter media only and does not include the Filter Frame.


This filter will not work with the Transcend machines that use a non-removable filter media that is permanently attached to the Filter Frame.


Filter should be washed weekly with mild detergent and luke warm water and be allowed to air dry completely before use.




Compatibility Information: This Reusable Filter is compatible with newer Transcend Series CPAP Machines (including the Transcend II, Transcend EZEX, and Transcend Auto) where the base is removed from the CPAP by pushing a button on the bottom of the machine. If your Transcend's base uses a latch, rather than a button, as a detaching mechanism you will need the filter with frame for Older Transcend CPAP Machines (Part 503003) available elsewhere on this site. Old and new Transcend filters and filter frames are NOT interchangeable.



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