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The SleepStyle 254 Auto is an advanced auto-adjusting system designed to enhance patient comfort with our unique SensAwake Technology. SensAwake senses when a patient wakes and promptly lowers the pressure to aid the transition back to sleep. The result is a more personalized therapy during sleep and awake states. The auto-adjusting algorithm detects and responds effectively to flow limitation, apnea and hypopnea. In addition, the PerformanceMaximizer software and SmartStick data card offers detailed efficacy reporting and uses recognized USB technology for easy data transfer.

The SleepStyle 254 APAP has been designed with integrated simplicity in mind. The ‘truly integrated’ compact design is a common feature of all standard and humidified models within the SleepStyle 200 CPAP Series. An intuitive navigation menu is common across all models. Travel needs are satisfied with a compact and robust CPAP that adjusts altitude and voltage anywhere in the world.



  • Auto-Adjusting CPAP Technology -The SleepStyle 254 Auto offers pressure on demand with advanced flowbased sensing technology. The auto-adjusting algorithm detects and effectively responds
  • SensAwake Technology - CPAP users commonly arouse from sleep and experience awake states, during which they are often intolerant of pressure. SensAwake uses flow to monitor patients’ breathing patterns, identifies these awake states and promptly reduces the pressure. This aids the transition back to sleep in order to enhance acceptance of treatment.
  • Ambient Tracking PLUS - This technology provides effective humidification under changing conditions. It minimizes condensation to prevent mask pressure fluctuations and algorithm disruptions while maximizing humidity during leaks to prevent nasal discomfort.
  • Removable Data Card and Software - The SmartStick, along with PerformanceMaximizer software, allows for easy monitoring of treatment efficacy and comprehensive patient management.
  • Ergonomically positioned keypad and display.
  • Extremely easy to use with a very user-friendly menu design.


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