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The EasyPulse POC-3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is lightweight, easy to use, and has proven to be highly durable.  This product was designed to give a stationary concentrator enhanced portable functions to create an ideal portable oxygen concentrator.  This EasyPulse POC-3 eliminates the need for oxygen canisters and gives peace of mind to the customer with a reliable oxygen source.




• Ease of Use - The EasyPulse POC-3 utilizes a single knob to determine air flow which can be changed at any time.  Settings for air flow can be selected within the range of 1-5 liters per minute.  This unit also displays remaining battery life with an LED on the front side of the portable oxygen concentrator.

• High Level of Purity - The Precision Medical EasyPulse POC-3 is rated to be amongst the best machines in terms of providing air pressure with the highest oxygen purity level at 87-95%.

• Battery Life- The battery in the EasyPulse POC-3 has a duration of 11 hours allowing the patient to complete their normal daily activities without having to monitor their oxygen source.  Using Precision Medical's Controlled Minute Volume (CVM) technology insures the battery life stays consistent on all flow settings.

• Unit Dimensions - With a size of 8.5" in height x 4.5" depth x 6.5" width the EasyPulse POC-3 is one of the smallest units available and weighs only 4.9 pounds.

• Low Maintenance - Cleaning the single filter within the EasyPulse POC-3 is a simple task that should be completed every 3-6 months to help extend the unit's life expectancy.




Included with the EasyPulse POC-3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the AC power supply/cord, DC power supply, standard carry bag, nasal cannula, and filter. 


Optional accessory items are the upgraded carry back pack and external battery.


Pulse Settings:
12cc ± 2cc
19cc ± 3cc
26cc ± 4cc
Peak Flow (l/min)
8.6 ± .3
9.9 ± .2
10.5 ± .3
Minute Volume
240 ± 15%
380 ± 15%
520 ± 15%
Battery Duration
5.5 hrs
3.8 hrs
2.8 hrs




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