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The ClimateLine heated tube is the key technology in the Climate Control System. Use only with the ResMed S9 series of CPAP and VPAP machines. 

The ClimateLine tube includes a sensitive heating circuit, which is
automatically controlled by the Climate Control algorithm to deliver a
constant, comfortable temperature at the mask.               

Located at the mask end of the tube, a sensor measures the temperature of the air leaving the tube.





Rainout protection without compromise                                                                

With traditional humidification systems, as the
temperature in the room drops, so does the temperature of the air inside
the tube. At lower temperatures, the amount of water vapor that can be
held by the air decreases, and condensation (rainout) can form in the

The ClimateLine tube maintains the temperature of the
air delivered to the patient. This ensures that rainout is avoided,
even if the temperature in the room drops during the night.               

By keeping the air temperature in the tube
consistent, the Climate Control system can automatically adjust to
changes in ambient conditions to maintain a constant, comfortable
humidity level. Rainout is avoided without needing to reduce the
humidity delivered.


Set and forget               

Because the system measures temperature at the mask,
the temperature you feel will remain at your preferred setting,
regardless of changes in ambient temperature or humidity.


Smaller, slimmer, sleeker               

The ClimateLine heated tube offers increased flexibility, more sleeping comfort and less tube drag.






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