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 aloha...the breath of life

Luxuriously Light and Comfortable


The Unique Ball-and-Swivel Joint, along with a hose swivel, adapts to the most active of sleepers accommodating various sleeping positions – all with minimal contact to the user’s face.

The Aloha features a unique and exclusive system ( Arced-Track™ Technology)  that allows the end-user to adjust the angle and depth of the nasal pillows – improving comfort and seal for a more natural fit while minimizing potential discomfort.

The Tubing Holder Ring allows for securing the tubing where you want it, such as over the head.






•  The ALOHA comes with 3 different size nasal pillows

•  The Aloha Nasal Pillow Interface is extremely lightweight and quiet

•   Offers an incredibly stable and comfortable seal

•  The floating Ball-and-Socket Elbow adapts to the most active sleepers allowing for various sleeping positions

•  Headgear comes standard with Comfort Wraps™




Mobility  Stability  Versatility

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