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Representing the latest technology in the treatment of sleep apnea, ResMed's AirFit™P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask retains the proven performance and reliability of the popular Swift FX mask series, but it's even quieter and lighter. A recent clinical study found that patients using the AirFit P10 sleep more than 40 minutes longer per night compared to the Swift FX.

With advanced technology delivering high level performance, comfort and reliability, along with air diffusion that is barely audible, the ResMed AirFit™P10 is the right fit for you.




•  Quiet - At just 21.4 dBA, the AirFit P10 is 50% quieter than leading nasal pillow masks. ResMed uses an innovative woven-mesh QuietAir™ vent which diffuses exhaled air in multiple directions making the AirFit™ P10 ultra quiet for both the user and the bed partner

•  Lightweight - The AirFit P10 is 50% lighter than other leading nasal pillow masks making it more comfortable and easy to use.  With only three parts ( Frame, Headgear and Nasal Pillow) the AirFit P10 is not only light but easy to disassemble for cleaning. Total weight of the assembled mask is only 1.6 oz.

•  QuickFit™ Headgear - Auto Adjusting Headgear allows for easy fitting without the need of Velcro tabs. The innovative headgear design stabilizes the mask and pulls the pillows snugly and firmly (but also comfortably) into place. Adjustable split-strap headgear provides stability and adjustability with minimal facial contact.

•  Comfortable Nasal Pillows -  Dual-wall nasal pillows seal on contact with flexible trampoline action for improved comfort. The dual-wall pillows also allow for movement without compromising the seal. The simple sizing and color-coded pillows make fitting easier. Each pillow size features a different color for easy identification and ease of use: Pink (extra small), Clear (small). Gray (medium), Blue (large).

•  QuietAir™ - Woven-Mesh vent technology quietly directs exhaled air, so its barely noticeable to you or your bed partner making this ResMed's quietest mask


Packaged with three pairs of pillow sizes - Small, Medium, Large

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What’s in the Box:

  • Mask frame
  • Nasal Pillows Included S,M,L
  • Headgear


Mask Features:

Cushion Material: Silicone

Replaceable Cushion: Yes

Forehead Support: No

Gel Cushion:No

Headgear Quick Release Clips: No

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