In an era of online marketing the owner of CPAPs ETC brings face-face and friendliness to his customer dealings. He provides excellent medical & user advice for Sleep Apnea and ALL brands of CPAP machines. He has a large inventory of every conceivable CPAP and accessories which he can help you to evaluate for fit & function with out any sales pressure.

John (10/2014)


The owner at CPAPs ETC is an amazing person who was able to assist me in finding the proper CPAP equipment for my sleep apnea therapy. I was able to try on different masks and learned how to ideally use my machine and adjust the settings. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for sleep apnea equipment. I honestly sleep so much better at night!!

Sarah (04/2015)


Great service and prices. Actually ended up being cheaper for me to purchase machine from CPAPs etc and pay out of pocket than to use insurance. The owner was very helpful giving me all the info I needed to make an informed choice.

Scott (02/2015)


When we decided to go abroad, the one thing that came to mind was having to lug the extra baggage around a country where we would not be driving but would have to depend on buses, trains, and the occasional taxi. We wanted to travel light, backpack light, and our machines would be a huge problem.
I had done some searching online to see if there was an alternative. When I came across the “Z1 CPAP machine”, it was an answer to our prayers. Not only are they extremely lightweight but small, coke can size small.  Seeing something online and actually holding it in your hands were two different things.
I made the initial contact through emails with Roddy McWhorter at CPAPs Etc.  We wrote back and forth many times with Roddy always answering the many questions we had.
We met Roddy and he gave us the tour, showing us the different models and what they could do for us. When we left we weren’t completely sure of the exact model we wanted and since we were quite away out from our departure date we held off. Finally after several months, I decided to buy one machine to test. It was the automatic type that adjusted to my breathing. I liked it and so let my wife try it for awhile. We both agreed this was our ticket to Italy.
So I guess the moral to this story is, if you need to use a CPAP machine and you DO USE your CPAP machine, because it’s vital to your health, and you are going to do some traveling, I highly recommend the “Z1”, however Roddy stocks other machines for home use or travel as well as all the supplies you need.
Email or call Roddy and let him know what you need. He’ll work with you to get you exactly what you need.

Oliver  (05/2017)


"The best! All products are available to try out. Being able to try masks on let me find one that works for me. Prices are competitive and Rod is extremely knowledgeable and he helped me get back on track with using a cpap. There is no substitute for a hands-on personal experience when buying masks and other equipment. The stuff I bought there FAR surpasses the junk my insurance supplied."

Joan (09/2019)