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The ProBasics Zzz-PAP Auto CPAP combines all of the features we love from the original Zzz-PAP with an advanced AUTO CPAP mode that automatically adjusts your pressure settings throughout the night, ensuring you receive optimum level of therapy at any given stage of sleep. Lightweight, user friendly, quiet, and available with an integrated heated humidification system (Optional) , the ProBasics Zzz-PAP Auto CPAP is a great choice for home or for travel.The Zzz-PAP Auto CPAP incorporates automatic altitude adjustment, automatic shut-off, and alarm clock functionality. Monitor compliance and efficacy data as well, using the included Mini-SD card and ProBasic Zzz-WARE Compliance and Efficacy Software.


AUTO CPAP mode - Ensure you are receiving the appropriate level of therapy at each point during your sleep with the patented Zzz-PAP AUTO honeycomb flow-sensing structure to create a constant flow resistance for minimizing pressure swing. The net result is a quiet, smooth and effective unit that provides effective Auto-CPAP therapy.

Lightweight, small, and very travel friendly with a universal 115-220v power supply

Compliance and Efficacy Data - Monitor and download data about your sleep with Mini-SD card and Zzz-WARE Compliance Software (Included)

Automatic Altitude Adjustment

Ultra quiet Operation


Pressure Range:  4.0 -20 cmH2O (0.5 cmH2O increments)

Ramp Time:  0 - 45 min. (5 minute increments)

Altitude Compensation:  Manual Adjustment

Leak Compensation: Yes

Compliance Monitoring:  Yes

AI/HI/SI Events Detection:  Yes

Download Capacity: Yes

Clock w/Alarm Function: Yes

Device Operating Meter:  9999.9 Hours

Sound Level:  30dBA @ 10 cmH2O

Dimension: 5.8"W x 5"D x 3.9"H

Universal Power Supply:  100V-240V, 50/60 Hz

Weight:  1.77 lbs.

Operating Temperature:  41° F to 95° F

Warranty: Two Years

Heated Humidifier:  Optional



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