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Inserting the Z1 CPAP Machine into the Z1 Powershell with Battery provides up to 8.5 hours of power for your CPAP therapy.

The design of the Z1 Powershell includes a battery platform allowing for battery modules to be changed as needed.

The Powershell combines the Z1 CPAP Machine with the Overnight Battery.


The Product Includes:

• Powershell™ battery cradle

•One (1) Powershell™ Battery Module

• A lanyard which can be used for hanging the Z1™ from a tent pole, headboard, or other sturdy location/position.

The Overnight Battery is a Lithium Ion battery that is tested to power the Z1 CPAP for 8+ hours of use.  Battery life depends on pressure settings of the machine and can be easily switched for another battery of the same model.

The Z1 with Powershell can act as a safeguard when plugged into a wall outlet.  Any interruption in the AC power will signal the battery to take over preventing a stop in cpap therapy.  The battery does not charge while the Z1 CPAP machine is turned on.

Remove the battery from the Powershell when not in use to avoid depleting the battery's charge.

The Z1 Powershell complies with all FAA requirements allowing for ease of travel.

The Z1 Powershell with Battery is compatible with only the Z1 CPAP machine.  


This product does not contain the Z1 CPAP machine.



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