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The Willow™ Nasal Pillow Mask is an affordable mask for those who prefer a pillow system for use in their CPAP therapy.

This mask offers many features as described below:




•  Light Weight Quick Fitting Headgear

The design of the headgear retains its shape making it extremely easy to put on and remove without re-adjustment. The headgear also features stability supports that help maintain a proper fit and seal.

•  Dual Direction Adjustable Headgear

•  Easy to Disassemble and Easy to Clean

•  360° Rotatable Elbow

Allows the hose to rotate making it more comfortable for the active user and easier to sleep so the mask can turn with the patient during sleep

•  Multi-Hole Vents

Allows the air to be dispersed quietly and not disturbing your bed partner or interrupting your therapy

•  Soft Tapered Pillows

The nasal pillows are thinly tapered for increased softness and seal




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