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Whisper-quite motor
Setting a new industry standard in quiet therapy and comfort, ResMed's new sophisticated motor design delivers superior performance at a lower effort while cutting device noise significantly. By reducing noise, Easy-Breathe technology enables patients and their bed partners to sleep peacefully through the night.

Easy-Breathe technology
Easy-Breathe technology combines new software, a quiter motor, and improved EPR for maximum comfort and a quiet night's sleep.

Pressure relief for more natural breathing
Featuring ResMed's improved EPR with Easy-Breathe technology, the S8 EscapeII offers pressure relief delivered in a smooth waveform that mimics patient breathing. With a choice of three different EPR comfort levels, the S8 Escape II with Easy-Breathe allows customized comfort for breathing that feels natural.

Why choose EPR with Easy-Breathe technology?
Not all CPAP devices with pressure relief are the same. ResMed's EPR with Easy-Breathe technology is supported by clinical studies, proving it as clinically effective as tradtitional fixed CPAP, but significantly more comfortable. EPR is preferred over traditional CPAP by 79% of patients.




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