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The RESmart™ Auto CPAP Machine from 3B Products offers Auto-Adjusting technology along with many advanced features found on much higher priced units at an affordable price.  Included are the integrated Heater Humidifier and access to advanced therapy data via their built in iCode™ data report system.


•  RESlex Exhalation Relief

The RESlex feature utilizes three comfort settings to decrease the positive airway pressure when you exhale to make it easier to breathe out against the airflow. This feature makes your therapy experience much more comfortable and increases your compliance.

•  Auto-Adjusting Therapy Pressure

This feature allows the CPAP machine to automatically deliver the needed airflow at a pressure level within a specified and pre-determined range. By delivering your pressure at the minimum level needed, your therapy experience will be greatly increased.

•  iCode™ Advanced Data

3B Products has made the process of retrieving your therapy data much easier. By accessing your RESmart iCode directly from your patient menu screen, you can then generate a full report when you enter that code into their online iCode website. See the "Resources" section below for detailed information regarding this function.  The REmart CPAP machine holds 365 days of memory.

•  Auto On-Off

The CPAP machine will begin airflow when you breathe through your mask and automatically turn off when breathing through your mask stops.

•  Auto Altitude Compensation

Three settings for altitudes up to 8,202 ft.

•  Auto Leak Alert

•  Power Off Alert

•  Integrated Heater Humidifier Included (5 Adjustable Levels)

•  Illuminated Buttons and Backlit LCD Screen

•  Quiet Operation  (≤ 30 dBA)

•  Easy Carry Handle

•  Two Year Warranty


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