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The Fisher & Paykel Pilairo has been carefully researched, developed and engineered to improve patient SleepLife.  Weighing in as the lightest Fisher & Paykel's nasal pillows mask (1.83 ounces/52 grams), the Pilairo is light on the patient and big on performance


The design of the Pilairo was inspired by the aerodynamic flight of the world's lightest little bird - the hummingbird. The hummingbird can rotate its fine wings in a circle; it is the only bird able to fly forwards, backwards, up, down, and sideways and can hover in midair.  This drove the design of a mask seal which self-inflates around the nares in a 'hover-like way' while providing total freedom of movement.




One Size Fits Most

Only Three Simple Parts to Clean

Quick and Easy to Fit

Lightweight -  Only1.83 Ounces



AirPillow Seal:

     Uses CPAP pressure to self-inflate to create an effective yet gentle seal into and around the nose. The AirPillow Seal can move and flex in any direction without compromising the seal.



      The stabilizers provide the support frame for the AirPillow Seal and assist with stability. This means the cushions are not dragged from side to side whenever you move, keeping them in place, and working.


Stretchwise™ Headgear

        Made from a soft latex-free elasticized thread with intelligent-stretch properties, the headgear automatically customizes to the wearer.  No manual adjustments are necessary.


Flexible Tube

        The delivery tube is lightweight, very flexible and designed to minimize pressure or pull on the face.  The Ball and Socket Elbow provides greater flexibility for tube positioning.


Quiet Air Diffuser

        Efficiently designed to ensure the flow is directed away from the patient and their bed partner for a quiet sleep.


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What’s in the Box:

  • Nasal Pillow Mask
  • Nasal Pillow
  • Headgear

Cushion Material: Silicone