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The F & P Lady ZEST Q's rose patterned headgear adds a feminine touch while retaining all the benefits fo the Stretchgear headgear and its deluxe suspension system.

The F & P Lady ZEST Q  minimizes  partner disturbance with an Air Diffuser. Peace and quiet are assured withits efficient exhaust dispersal.  Like all F & P mask products, the Lady ZEST Q comes in the box fully assembled and ready for use.




ADVANCED AIR DIFFUSER - Quiet Usage:  The refined Air Diffuser design ensures minimal noise and efficient exhaust dispersal. 

EASY-CLIP SILICONE SEAL WITH VTS - Effortless Performance:  The Easy-Clip Silicone Seal allows one-step connection or removal for quick and effortless cleaning.  The Variable Thickness Silicone (VTS) provides an ultra soft fit for improved sealing and comfort.

FLEXIFOAM CUSHION - Auto-Contouring Cushion:  The FlexiFoam Cushion provides greater comfort with the unique design of the soft, light and supportive foam.

FLEXIFIT TECHNOLOGY - Auto-Contouring Fit:  Foam Cushion FlexiFit Technology automatically adjusts to a wide range of nasal and facial contours with simply one-step fitting.

GLIDER STRAP - Anti-Leak System:  The sliding glider Strap provides freedom of movement while maintaining a seal.  Mask force remains equal when the head rotates from side to side, minimizing leak.

STRECTHGEAR HEADGEAR - Deluxe Mask Suspension System:  A comfortable and breathable elastic headgear, specially designed to maintain a firm seal.

GLIDER CLIP/HIDDEN STRAP RELEASE - One-Step Usage:  Easy one-step removal of headgear with Glider Clip or Hidden Strap Release.  Enables reassembly without having to make fitting adjustments.



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