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Product Code: TB-519mm-tb-5-19

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Soft nylon bristles on a 5' stainless steel stem makes it possible to gently and thoroughly clean your CPAP tubing. You will be able to reach those  impossible areas inside your tubing and clean those areas where mold and algae can build up. The new stainless steel stem will make your CPAP brush more durable, rust free and prolong the life of your CPAP Tube Brush.  The stem is 18/8 stainless steel.



19mm is for standard CPAP tubing with inner diameter of 19mm


Use a mild detergent and luke warm water.  Hot water dries out plastics and can shorten the life of your tubing. Gently brush back and forth using short strokes until you have worked the brush all the way through the tubing.  By working both ends, you can also clean the 10' tubing as well.  Once you are done cleaning, rinse with cool water.  Attach to your CPAP machine and run for approx. 15 minutes until the interior of the tubing is completely dry.


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