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The Hybrid style CPAP mask is a unique type of full face mask. Unlike the traditional full face mask that covers both the nose and mouth, the hybrid uses a combination of a nasal pillow and a mouth cushion. For those patients who need to use a full face mask but want something less restrictive, the Hybrid does not use a forehead support and does not cover the nose. This allows for more freedom and a clear field of vision.

Both the nasal pillows and the mouth cushion come in various sizes and are replaceable. It is recommended that you replace your cushions and pillows every month regardless of the type of CPAP mask you are using.

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  • Amara View Cpap Mask

    Amara View Full Face Mask



    The Amara View Full Face Mask is a lightweight mask designed without a forehead support piece to prevent the mask from blocking the CPAP user’s vision.

  • Mirage Liberty™ Full Face Mask with Headgear

    Mirage Liberty™ Full Face Mask with Headgear



    Less mask, more freedom

    Mirage Liberty is a full face mask that seals individually at the mouth and nose. With less skin contact and an open field of vision, this unobtrusive mask feels light on the face.

    With a fit range of over 90% of users, the Mirage Liberty is ideal for patients seeking a comfortable alternative to conventional full face masks.

    Rx Required

  • Hybrid Dual-Airway Interface with Headgear

    Hybrid Dual-Airway Interface with Headgear



    The Hybrid is a unique fusion of technologies. This one product serves as a nasal interface, an oral interface, and a combination of the two. The Hybrid is a dual airway interface for use with positive pressure ventilation devices for the treatment of respiratory insufficiencies and OSA (obstructive sleep apnea).  With Headgear.  All Cushion Sizes Included.

    Rx Required