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 The Transcend® Mini CPAP is ideal for travel and for every night use at home.  Unique air bearing blower technology makes Transcend II quiet and vibration-free, and it automatically adjusts for altitude up to 8,000 feet!. 

AHI and leak detection reporting is standard, so you can tell how well your therapy is working night after night.


Transcend II is now even more flexible!  For the first time you get to choose how you want your CPAP to work. The Transcend II Sleep Apnea Starter System comes with a Universal Hose Adapter that makes your Transcend II compatible with any standard 6' CPAP hose and any mask you like.  Or,by upgrading to one of the patent pending Transcend Waterless Humidification options you can sleep comfortably anywhere with no water, no hassle, no cleaning, and no mess.

By adding an (OPTIONAL) Transcend Overnight or Multi-night battery you can sleep anywhere with the comfort of knowing you will have power to get you through the night, whether sleeping under the stars, in your boat, RV, remote cabin, or for weathering a power outage at home.

In addition to the waterless humidifcation systems available for all Transcend PAP devices,  now there is available the option of a heated humidifier that will accomodate any CPAP mask. The new water-based humidifier integrates completely with Transcend PAP therapy devices to provide warm, moist air during therapy.



♦  Most innovative small, light, and portable PAPs in the world.

♦  Quiet and vibration free

♦  Automatic alittude adjustment up to 8,000 ft.

♦  AHI and leak detection are standard to Transcend's therapy compliance reporting program. Transcend records, stores, and reports on up to 13 months of therapy compliance data that is easily downloaded and sent via email to your healthcare provider with the push of a button.

♦  Email capable compliance reporting

♦  Automatic voltage conversion for use outside U.S.

♦  Comes standard with Universal Hose Adaptor and 6' CPAP hose making it compatible with any CPAP mask on the market

♦  Use with (OPTIONAL) patent pending Transcend H6B or H9M Waterless Humidification System options for comfortable, safe, and hassle-free humidification

♦  Use with the (OPTIONAL) water-based heated humidifier which integrates with all of the Transcend PAP devices

♦  Power on the go with the Transcend (OPTIONAL) P4 Overnight and P8 Multi-night Battery Systems or 12V mobile power adapter

♦  Place Transcend II on the bed stand as a standard CPAP using the Transcend (OPTIONAL) Bedside Docking Station™; wear it on your body for maximum flexibility and mobility; or use your imagination and put it on the bed, lay it next to your pillow, place it in the bed stand drawer, let it sit on the floor, or put it wherever it's most convenient. It's that versatile!

♦  Transcend II is easy to maintain and has few parts. LED lights let you know when it's time to clean the air inlet filter, and the interface and headgear are cleaned easily with mild soap and water



1.  How do I travel with Transcend II?  Can I use it on my flight?

Carry your Transcend II with you on your flight. As a medical device, it will not count as one of your carry-on items. Never check a sleep apnea therapy device with your baggage as it can be damaged through normal luggage handling procedures.  Your doctor can provide you with a letter stating your diagnosis and the need to carry your device with you, if necessary. Be sure to call the airling in advance to clarify procedures and in-flight policies.


2.  Can I use Transcend II overseas?

Yes!  Transcend's universal AC power supply makes it easy to use Transcend II outside the United States.  The universal power supply automatically converts the power current, so all you need to bring on your trip is a plug adapter to fit the two prong configuration of your Transcend II power supply. Plug adapters can be found at major department and hardware stores.


3.  What kind of warranty is offered with Transcend II?

The Transcend II sleep therapy system comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty.


4.  Which mask seals can I use with Transcend II?

The Transcend II Sleep Apnea Therapy Starter System is compatible with any CPAP mask via the Universal Hose Adaptor and standard 6 foot hose/tubing.

The Transcend H6B and H9M Waterless Humidification Systems come with a proprietary interface that can be fitted with adaptors that are compatible with the most commonly used nasal seals, including:

■  ResMed Ultra Mirage™ II Nasal Seal

■  ResMed SoftGel™ Nasal Seal

■  ResMed Activa LT™ Nasal Seal

■  Respironics ComfortGel™ Original Nasal Seal

■  Respironics Comfort Gel™ Blue Nasal Seal


5.  Will wearing Transcend II be uncomfortable?

Patients who wear the Transcend II CPAP report that it takes a few nights ( generally two to five) to get fully comfortable with the CPAP on the head.  Once they grow accustomed to wearing Transcend II, however, they find it more easy to use and more comfortable that a traditional CPAP and 6' hose.


6.  What power options are available for Transcend II?

Transcend II comes with a universal AC power supply and offers battery and mobile power adaptor options that are sold seperately.


7.  Is there a vehicle power adaptor for Transcend II?

Yes!  Transcend II has a mobile power adaptor available that allows it to plug into the DC (cigarette lighter) power outlet in your car, truck, RV, boat, camper, or wherever you choose to sleep. You can also use the mobile power adaptor to recharge the Transcend II battery pack.


8.  Can I charge the battery pack while it is connected to my Transcend II?

Yes, the Transcend II battery can be recharged with the AC power supply or mobile DC power adaptor while delivering therapy.


Return on Warranty Issues Only

 What’s in the Box:

• Transcend miniCPAP™ Machine
• 1 – Filter and Base
• Universal Hose Adapter
• 6 Foot Tubing
• Power Supply
• Travel Case and Quick Start Guide


Machine Features:

Warranty: 2 Years

110 Voltage: Yes

220 Voltage: Yes

Integrated Battery: Optional

Optional DC Cable: Yes

Pressure Range: 4-20cm

Auto Adjusting Pressure: No

Exhale Pressure Relief: No

Ramp: Yes

Auto Altitude Adjust: Yes

Heated Humidifier: Optional

Leak Compensation: No

Hour/Session Recording: Yes

Data Card: Integrated